Is it time to replace your battery, pads, train your staff & review your AED program?
AED electrode pads batteries have set shelf life training and program management is continuous. You may ask, “Where do I find the right electrodes? When do we need training? Which battery do I need?”  Allow us to make things easier streamline the process for you with our AED Comply Packs. This program is part of our AED Medical Direction and Program Management Systems.

AED refresh Program make things easier!

No more searching for training rosters, pad expiration dates and other AED supplies. Let us save you time and effort! Life Saving Solutions has bundled the essentials for your AED program, making the reorder process easy and convenient. Let us consultant with you regarding your AED make/model, and we will choose the AED refresh Program that’s right for you!

All AED refresh Programs designed to suit your specific needs or requirements.

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