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Portable Case for Emergency Oxygen and AED

Portable Case for Emergency Oxygen and AED

Product ID: LIFE-O2-LSS


The LIFE StartSystem weighs only 8 pounds, is smaller than a briefcase at 12″x12″x3″, durable and water resistant, complete with LIFE-O2 6&12 LPM “Norm & High” Regulator for Emergency Oxygen in a disposable/replaceable or refillable 113 Liter Cylinder. LIFE CPR Mask universally fits Adult & Child; first-aid oxygen administration, and if needed before fibrillation or after successful defibrillation

*Philips Heartstart OnSite AED sold separately

**Can only ship a full tank via UPS Ground. All orders to Hawaii and Alaska will be shipped with empty cylinders (these may be filled upon receipt at a local gas distributor)


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